Student Internship Opportunities

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity?
Education promotion and recruitment in China or the Netherlands

Do you...
1.Like a challenge
2.Have ambition to work in an adventurous country such as China or to gain work experience in the Netherlands

Are you...
1.Market oriented and commercially focussed with strong social skills
2.Flexible and pro-active
3.Able to work both as a team member and as an individual
4.Experienced in Western culture

If these skills match your talents and ambitions, then we may have a placement opportunity for you!

What is the CHEER Foundation?
We focus on the Chinese market in education promotion/recruitment, setting up international programmes/schools, professional training (i.e. Logistics management), and events management.
For more information, please visit our website

What are the opportunities?
If successful, you will work in our offices in China and/or Europe, for a minimum of six months, and a maximum of one year.
As well as applying for international opportunities, students may apply for domestic positions (for example, Dutch students may apply for opportunities in the Netherlands, and Chinese students may apply for opportunities in China).
Your daily work will consist of a minimum of the following, and can vary according to your interests, needs and strengths:

Job description - China
1.Interviewing potential student candidates
2.Presenting Western higher education to students and their parents
3.Answering questions from students, over the telephone or in the office
4.Participating in education seminars and exhibitions
5.Undertaking market survey and analysis
6.Assisting with International course management

Job description - Netherlands
A. Marketing and sales
1.Promoting CHEER business in NL and EU countries
2.Researching and developing existing and new projects
B. Recruitment support services
1.Staying in touch with CHEER members in NL and EU countries
2.Co-ordinating between CHEER office in Europe and other CHEER offices in China (Beijing and Shanghai)
3.Ensuring smooth cooperation between Dutch member schools and CHEER China recruitment teams
4.Working with the CHEER students union
5.Assisting in coaching placement students
C. Business coordination
1.Coordinating between CHEER China and CHEER Europe/USA for CHEER education projects
2.Assisting with management for the business plan, contract and report
3.Assisting in CHEER investments projects

Travel and accommodation/hotel costs will be paid for during your business trips, and a bonus may be available, dependent upon your qualifications and performance.
To apply, please send your letter of application and your Curriculum Vitae via email to:
Dr. Mandy Cao (, CEO, CHEER China.

SDP Teacher

Full-time Native English Teacher Wanted
European Union Education Foundation (CHEER) is currently looking for some qualified teachers to deliver Skills Development Program (SDP) in her partner schools in Shanghai or Beijing. CHEER, with its headquarters in Amsterdam and two subsidiaries in Shanghai and Beijing, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote education exchange and cooperation between China and Europe as well as the rest of the world. CHEER is the official distributor of SDP which is designed and validated by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) with the aim to hone the practical skills of high school students in China, such as critical thinking, presentation and communication skills in English and enterprise skills etc.


1. Native English speakers
2. A four-year bachelor's degree or a master degree from an accredited college or university.
3. Good command of critical thinking skills, enterprise skills (teamwork and leadership) and communication skills.
4. Flexible time, available to work 3-5 days per week.
5. Initial training and orientation is required before teaching.

Job Description:

1. To teach SDP (Skills Development Program) which is to be conducted in three top public high schools in Shanghai, with about 2 classes per week in each school. The program is estimated to last for one academic year and the total teaching time is anywhere between 60-100 hours, depending on the specific arrangement of each school.
2. To cooperate and coordinate with CHEER and the schools in assessment and moderation process of the course.
3. Other academic support work
4. Work location: Shanghai


The honorarium is negotiable which will be paid by CHEER with which the teachers are supposed to enter into a labor contract. Work permit can be provided.

To Apply:

Please send your resume to Winnie Xing (Shanghai)at Please indicate :

Your nationality
How long you will be in Shanghai and be able to participate in the program
Where would you want to work, Beijing or Shanghai?
Please remember to enclose a recent photograph.

Tel: +86-21-65215533-131
Shanghai Office
European Union Education Foundation (CHEER)
Address: 10th Floor, Baolian Tower, No.299, Quyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200081, P.R.China

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