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World Leading Schools Association

With the rapid progress of economic globalisation, and with the theme of internationalisation, a common trend in many arenas, those of us in education are increasingly committed to equipping students with international skills and experience. Over the last twenty years we have seen a marked increase in significant communication and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the fields of education, economy, technology and culture.

As leading Western schools are eager to educate students about China so leading Chinese schools are eager to learn about western education. We believe education is a shared responsibility and successful cooperation of international leading schools will provide our students with a leading, innovative, learning environment, using the best systems and techniques which will enable them to become global citizens who actively contribute to their own future and society.

In order to bridge cultural differences, promote further understanding between secondary schools, and improve collaboration between leading schools and institutions of higher education around the world, we have established a non-profit Foundation - the World Leading Schools Association, WLSA.

Following the success of a number of educational conferences for the worlds leading schools, the CHEER Foundation, dedicated to promoting educational exchange between China and Europe, has joined with Eton College, Harvard-Westlake School, Beijing No. 4 High School, Geelong Grammar School, Groton School and the High School affiliated to Fudan University to establish WLSA.

For more information about the World Leading Schools Association, its activities and events, please visit www.wlsafoundation.com or send an email to info@wlsafoundation.com