CHEER is one of the founding members of World Leading Schools Association (WLSA)

WLSA was established in 2011 at the 5th World Leading Schools Forum held in New York. Over the previous seven years, heads from secondary schools all over the world had discussed ways to develop enhanced understanding and cooperation between schools. From these discussions grew the desire to create a formal association of selected leading schools around the world.

Ever since, WLSA has acted as a platform to lead global change in secondary education by serving schools and school leaders so they may develop leading, innovative programmes for their students to develop into the leaders of their generation.

WLSA operates on different levels with various types of programmes and events such as: Conference, Student Exchanges, Staff Trainings, Gap Years, Internships, Fairs, etc.

WLSA is based in Amstelveen (The Netherlands), Beijing and Shanghai (China).

Visit the WLSA website for more information.